A Commitment to Individualized Care and Services
The Law Office of Elizabeth Baum, P.C. provides professional assistance and expertise in a competent, courteous and financially reasonable manner. We are a small office and we pride ourselves on our personal care and attention to details. Our firm works closely with family members and caregivers, but when we act as fiduciary, we are responsible for making all decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person. Whether you are the incapacitated person, the Trust beneficiary, or an involved family member, friend or caretaker, we work closely with you to facilitate the best possible outcome for those on whose behalf we are working. Our long-term relationships with individuals result in our detailed knowledge of each person’s needs and desires for his or her own well being, and allows us to make personal and well-informed decisions on behalf of each Incapacitated or Protected Person.

Attorney Baum is also Of Counsel to the Elder Law firm of Rosenberg, Freedman & Lee L.L.P., which offers additional services to our clients.