Conservatorship and Trust

Financial Decision-Making for Others

Our firm provides financial services as a Trustee for all types and sizes of Trusts, and often administers Medicaid Trusts (commonly referred to as either Supplemental or Special Needs Trusts). Our firm also manages finances in court-appointed Conservatorship matters. Attorney Baum oversees all aspects of the property of each Conservatorship or Trust – from daily bill paying to asset management. When appropriate and necessary, we arrange to inventory an incapacitated individual’s personal estate and liquidate assets on his or her behalf. We oversee the individual’s well-being and safety in the home or in an alternative placement. We work with professionals to maintain the individual’s home or other real estate, or to sell the real estate if it becomes necessary.

Our firm provides financial management services. We work closely with financial professionals including a Certified Public Accountant and financial planners and brokers, each of whom provides expertise and advice on matters including but not limited to investing, financial planning and budgeting, and Inventory, Account and tax preparation. Our bookkeeper maintains careful records for each individual account and provides an affordable method for ongoing bill paying. Our Executive Assistant attends to the many details involved in managing each individual’s health insurance, private, state and federal benefits, and day to day needs such as ordering groceries and coordinating medical appointments for the individuals we serve.